About Us

Back to the Beginning

In 1919, a man named Felix Fantus moved his furniture factory from Chicago to Indiana. While selecting a new location for his business, Fantus was struck by the absence of available data on the process and decided to create a new business venture – site selection consulting. Site selection was formalized in the 1940s and 1950s through a number of important U.S. government projects. Determining the precise location for national security required a thorough evaluation and vetting process. The site selection process established was adopted as formal practice going forward. The profession remained largely concentrated in consulting firms until the late 1980s and early 1990s when global engineering, accounting firms, and real estate brokerage firms began adding site selection into the mix.

The Future of Site Selection

Since its accidental birth, site selection consulting has evolved over the last century into a reputable industry built on data and relationships. But one thing remains true, the barrier for entry is high. We at Site Selection Tech aim to change that. Tech has come a long way and the landscape has become crowded, making it difficult for consumers to find the perfect app for their needs. We hope Site Selection Tech makes things a bit easier for you. The apps you find in our marketplace are not only vetted by industry experts, but are also highly respected by peers. Site Selection Tech’s mission is to make the process of site selection accessible to all. From data collection to analytics and compliance, we’ve got you covered.