Meet the Gear Guide for Groundbreakers

The Site Selection Marketplace For All

This is the tech you have been searching for. Collect custom location data. Compare and score location options. Map and evaluate the location shortlist. Intelligent capabilities yet simple to use.

Gather Data

Lasso streamlines the RFI process by standardizing property data collection and accelerating the data assembly process to efficiently distribute RFIs to its stakeholders.

Compare Locations

Site Shepherd empowers you to quickly compare locations on quality and cost. With visual insights, see the trade-offs between locations and arrive at your optimal site.

Labor Market Intelligence

JobsEQ is a software tool that provides timely data on your local workforce and employers — including demographics, occupations, wages, certifications, and more.

Inspect the Shortlist

Stage1 unlocks powerful, site-specific data and anticipated subsurface conditions allowing you to quickly advance into planning without us setting foot on your site.

Track Incentive Commitments

ADP SmartCompliance minimizes the impact of time-consuming work by assisting with the administration and compliance tasks required to receive the awarded benefits.